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What does FRESH MEAN to you in relation to food?

That is the question that Chris Warburton at BBC Radio 5 live posed to me this morning.  Why did he ask?  The Daily Mail had run a ‘story’ about the food industry – and about Pret A  Manger in particular, buying their (French) baguettes from France, frozen and finishing them off in their ovens and […]

Trends- Convenience Sector, What’s Likely to be on Shelf in 2019?

Trends Convenience Sector – what will be on shelf in 2019

Revealed: five trends shaping bakery in 2018

Article quoting Jane from British Baker magazine   Visit today for more information Bakery supplier Puratos outlined some of the key trends shaping bakery in 2018 and beyond, as it celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Satin Crème Cake range last week (14 June). The event, held at its site in Fringford, Oxfordshire, saw […]

Interview by Josella Waldron for How She Does It Podcast

A new podcast for women about work, life and family. Journalist Josella Waldron talks to strong, smart, intelligent working women about having a fulfilling career and dealing with the challenges of modern family life. Can we do it all?   Jane Milton @foodnetworking has made a career (and lots of friends!) out of her love […]

Very useful article about maximising the results from chalkboards.

How to Chalkboard: The Ultimate Guide to Chalkboard Design Some of the best marketing ideas are also the simplest. And you can’t get much more simple than the humble chalkboard! Chalkboards have long been used to promote pop up shops or display menus. But more and more, we’re seeing businesses – from boutique artisan coffee […]

Jane Milton interview in Speciality Food Magazine

A passion for food and a knack for making things better are behind Jane Milton’s illustrious career   INSPIRATION… I never tire of meeting people who have an idea, or have started their own business and are making it work. I enjoy working with those people and would never want to only be working with […]

Jane Milton on BBC radio

Yesterday Paul Salt the drive-time DJ for BBC Radio Merseyside called and asked …. ‘has the 20% increase in Freddo bars been caused by Brexit ‘ I told him Brexit is just a convenient excuse for companies to deflect criticism of their own decisions. Commodity prices have gone up and so Mondelez has increased some […]

Jane Milton – Telegraph 17th April

    I was asked for my opinion on how quickly insect protein will be adopted by the mainstream UK food scene. I think it will not be adopted by the majority any time soon – most people in UK can access plenty of protein and if they are concerned about the sustainability of producing […]

7 Things You’ll Be Eating in 2017

7 favourite for Women’s Health Magazine with the help of some leading trend forecasters including Jane Milton.   What will be the healthy food trends that capture your imagination in 2017. Lucy Fry picks her 7 favourite for Women’s Health Magazine with the help of some leading trend forecasters including Jane Milton.      

Leave the trendy decoration out

Leave the trendy decoration out I was contacted by Rozina Sabur from The Telegraph and asked to comment on the use of herbs and leaves in dishes by chefs. Apparently, Judy Murray ( Andy Murray’s Mum ) has tweeted about her dislike of it- as have others. My personal opinion is that it often enhances […]

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