Jane Milton and her team are experts in the food and drink industry.

Jane is a food industry expert who with her team helps food & drink businesses by providing growth support and knowledge while connecting you with the right people and carefully curating teams of industry specialists to help fast-track your business success.

Jane has a passion for helping food & drink businesses grow in the most effective way to maximise their profits. Over the years Jane and her team of food industry experts and business growth consultants have helped thousands of food and drinks businesses become established successful brands.

Jane and her team are waiting to hear about your journey and discuss how we can work together to grow your business.

Are you a food and drink businesses looking for support with business growth?

Jane and her team of food industry experts and business growth consultants collaborate with your business to bring a refreshing new perspective to your challenges and introduces unique insight and inspiration to your creative processes.


Developing and Implementing Business Growth Strategy

A Business Growth Strategy Program tailored to your individual businesses' specific needs and challenges. Our experts and business growth consultants create a holistic and sustainable plan that positions the business for long-term growth and success. This service can be provided on a retainer basis for our continuous support and guidance or can be purchased as a one-off service for you to implement internally.


Business Growth Strategy Programmes For Groups

A structured and comprehensive initiative designed to help a group of businesses in the same area or a group defined by the same product category achieve sustainable growth and success. These programs typically involve a series of strategic activities, resources, and support mechanisms aimed at enhancing various aspects of your business.


One-to-One Business Growth Support For Individuals

Our one-to-one business mentoring service provides a personalised and focused approach, offering guidance on strategic decision-making, problem-solving, and business development. Our wealth of food and drink industry knowledge and experience helps you navigate complexities, set goals, gain clarity on business objectives, and ultimately accelerate your organisational growth.

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