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The Rise of FreeFrom

November hails the arrival of the awards season and in less than a fortnight the winners of the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards will be known. Pizza Express and Crowne Plaza are jostling for a coveted trophy alongside independents like Bizzie Lizzie’s fish and chip shop and Aroma Café in Lyme Regis. Announcing the shortlist last month FreeFrom […]

Friday Takeaway – 30 October 2015

BBC reports Aldi the latest discounter to turn their attention to online Business Insider samples “drinkable supermeal” Ambronite Food Production Daily covers the problems with food packaging design today. The government calls for more food local labelling from producers says Supply Management. Here’s a re-post of Wednesday’s blog about UK pumpkin growers. Happy Halloween!

Campaigners battle the currents of fish depletion

  Nearly a third of the world’s commercial fisheries have collapsed according to the World Wildlife Fund giving rise to a number of global campaigns to save our fishes’ future. And it’s not only the fish that are suffering. Those involved in the industry are subject to many human rights abuses according to claims by Greenpeace. The NGO […]

Service with a smile

  If I told you one of the best companies I rate for customer service is in telecoms, I think you’d probably laugh. Telecoms and customer service are not normally regarded as happy bedfellows. Among Which magazine’s 2015 list of worst companies for customer service, BT and Talk Talk are only just eclipsed by NPower and Scottish […]

Putting the passion into pumpkin

  Search Halloween recipes on the internet and you’re never far away from the signature pumpkin soup. I don’t mind a pumpkin soup – it’s a great canvas for all sorts of spicy additions – but are we going to move beyond this from a food point of view? My own thoughts are echoed in […]

Summerdown Mint: reviving a forgotten British herb

  When I wanted to bring something different but essentially British as a gift on my recent business trip to Australia, there was one brand that sprung to mind immediately – Summerdown Mint. Their story is a fascinating one. The company was started by Sir Michael Colman, of mustard fame, who set out reviving an […]

Clean food and unhealthy obsessions

Orthorexia is not officially recognised as a clinical diagnosis but it is a term frequently cropping up in the media. It refers to an unhealthy obsession with healthy food, and was coined by US doctor Steve Bratman who found some of his patients’ pursuit of a healthy lifestyle was making them nutritionally ill. Clean eating […]

Friday Takeaway – 9 October 2015

  Chalkboard goes silly for seaweed chips. Cardiff opens vegan and vegetarian café inspired to bring street food to the city says Wales Online. Wasabi, houmous and poblano top lists of most popular burger ingredients in the US according to Fast Casual. Produce Business reports added value veg outperforms wholehead veg. It’s nearly time – here is Foodism’s guide on where […]

Friday Takeaway – 2 October 2015

  Retail Week outlines what shopkeepers need to know about the changes introduced to the Consumer Rights Act. (subscriber only) Banana flour, kefir, maple water – Marie Claire blog predicts the superfoods of 2016. Convenience food sector grows by five per cent in the past year says The Daily Telegraph. Whole Foods Market plans to shed 1,500 jobs but […]

Sweet inspirations: LICKALIX

  When life partners Karis and Dominic Gesua decided to jack in their day jobs to start their business their original plan had been around “glamping” – posh camping. But then an article on frozen margaritas changed all that. Karis, a self-confessed foodie who loves to replicate food images she sees on Pinterest and Instagram, […]

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