Identifying And Fostering Unparalleled Growth Opportunities Through Comprehensive Business Growth Strategy Support.

Every stage of growth within the food and drinks industry brings it challenges, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our expertise is helping businesses in the UK and those wanting to enter the UK from outside the market, to find their best growth opportunities and implement them.

Jane has curated a team of hand-picked food industry specialists to work closely with your business, matched to your values, to deliver the most sustainable, profitable outcome for your project, often achieving a faster turnaround than you could by working alone.

We’ll disrupt your usual patterns by asking, What if? Why don’t you? and Why do you do that in this particular way? Through this type of constructive challenge, we’ll help you find new, innovative ways to produce existing products, develop new products and even open up new markets.

Developing and Implementing Business Growth Strategy – A Business Growth Strategy tailored to your individual business’ specific needs and challenges. Our experts and consultants work with your team to create a holistic and sustainable plan that positions the business for long-term growth and success. This service can be provided on a retained basis for our continuous support and guidance or can be purchased as a one-off service, which you then implement internally. The goal is to identify growth opportunites, improve performance, increase market share, and maximise profitability.

Business Growth Strategy Programmes – A structured and comprehensive initiative tailored to help a group of businesses in the same sector or a group defined by product category achieve sustainable growth and success. These programmes typically involve one-to-one sessions with each business, a series of workshops on key business issues with specialists, live case studies from business owners in the industry, up-to-date resources, trend reports and tools to access online, tasks to perform after each session and implement in your business, that all build to create your unique Business Growth Strategy.

One-to-One Business Growth Support – Working one-on-one on a single aspect of your Business Growth Strategy helping you identify the growth opportunity, form the strategy, connect with all the experts needed to implement it quickly and effectively and maximise your return.

Jane Milton Services<br />

If you are an established brand looking for growth support, a business looking for a path into distributors and retailers, or looking to enter the UK from an overseas market, Jane and her team have the expertise and solutions to help you.

Below is an overview of some of the services Jane Milton Ltd provides, support that is tailored to fit your specific stage of growth and business goals. You can book one-off consulting sessions or set up a retainer service depending on your budget.

The below will give you an indication of the costs for each service type we offer . Please contact the team at to book an initial consultation so we can provide you with an obligation-free proposal.

Developing and Implementing Business Growth Strategy.

Developing & Implementing Business Growth Strategy

(Example below for an overseas business coming into UK, contact us for UK domestic product programme example)

A short 1-1 zoom call to understand the business aspirations and market readiness.

A market report looking at competitors in the market, their pricing and branding.

A legal label check on 1 product to assess UK readiness.

Information on likely margins for distributors and end market.

Retailer/distributor marketing expectations and your plan.

Supply of a winning pitch deck document template to complete.

Scouting trips.

Fees start from £4,000
plus VAT

Business Growth Strategy Programmes.

Business Growth Strategy Programmes For Groups

A programme for 10-12 businesses in the same sector or product category.

1-1 zoom call for each business to understand their priorities.

4-5 Workshops on key business issues with the best specialists.

Bespoke resources, trend reports and tools to access on our learning platform.

Tasks to perform after each workshop session and implement in your business, that build to create your unique Business Growth Strategy.

Final 1-1 zoom call for each business to ensure they have all they need to be successful.

Fees start from £38,000
plus VAT

One to One Business Growth Support.

One-to-One Business Growth Support For Individuals

1 hour specific problem solving session.

An additional 30 minutes advance prep from our team.

A short email after the session confirming any detail not given at the time of the session – such as a email contact or introduction or a link to a resource.

Fees start from £540
plus VAT


Hi, I’m Jane

Jane is a food industry expert who with her team helps food & drink businesses by providing growth support and knowledge while connecting you with the right people and carefully curating teams of industry specialists to help fast-track your business success.

Jane has a passion for helping food & drink businesses grow in the most effective way to maximise their profits. Over the years Jane and her team have helped thousands of food and drinks businesses become established successful brands.

Jane and her team are waiting to hear about your journey and discuss how we can work together to grow your business.

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