Friday Takeaway – 14 August 2015


* Cracking news for breakfast egg sales this week reports the Daily Telegraph. Is it due to the popularity of high protein diets?
* Over in the dairy aisle Morrison’s announcement again raises questions over milk supply and demand, highlighting the issue to consumers.
* City AM ponders on how London became so in love with posh burgers. And is the next ingredient to receive an upgrade looking likely to be the chip? Come Fry with Me to discover.
* New flavours of sub-Saharan Africa created by three friends at a South London supper club are now available in The Groundnut’scookery book. Tamarind pork is Vogue’s favourite.
* My hero gardener Richard Jackson is filming in my garden for QVC this month. This behind-the-scenes article by The Telegraph gives entrepreneurs useful insights on the benefits of selling on this shopping channel.
* Out of this world completely are the first vegetables to be grown in space. Watch the astronauts sample their first lettuce crop.

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