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Jane Milton on BBC radio

Yesterday Paul Salt the drive-time DJ for BBC Radio Merseyside called and asked …. ‘has the 20% increase in Freddo bars been caused by Brexit ‘ I told him Brexit is just a convenient excuse for companies to deflect criticism of their own decisions. Commodity prices have gone up and so Mondelez has increased some […]

Jane Milton – Telegraph 17th April

    I was asked for my opinion on how quickly insect protein will be adopted by the mainstream UK food scene. I think it will not be adopted by the majority any time soon – most people in UK can access plenty of protein and if they are concerned about the sustainability of producing […]

7 Things You’ll Be Eating in 2017

7 favourite for Women’s Health Magazine with the help of some leading trend forecasters including Jane Milton.   What will be the healthy food trends that capture your imagination in 2017. Lucy Fry picks her 7 favourite for Women’s Health Magazine with the help of some leading trend forecasters including Jane Milton.      

Leave the trendy decoration out

Leave the trendy decoration out I was contacted by Rozina Sabur from The Telegraph and asked to comment on the use of herbs and leaves in dishes by chefs. Apparently, Judy Murray ( Andy Murray’s Mum ) has tweeted about her dislike of it- as have others. My personal opinion is that it often enhances […]

Hazel Davis asked me how easy it is to forecast and spot trends in food

Finding inspiration: The Guardian asked me how small business owners can identify the trends they should take note of, for their food business…. some of my thoughts are in this article. Jane Milton, a food industry expert who works with producers and retailers to develop ideas, says the adventure shown by Ahi Poké’s founders is […]


GROWING POPULARITY OF CAULIFLOWER   I was asked for a comment on the growing popularity of cauliflower as the main part of a meat free meal by a journalist from the Mail on Sunday

Jane Milton on BBC

Jane Milton commenting on Sugar in Foods on The Victoria Derbyshire show – 30/03/2017 – The BBC’s daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.

Channel 4 Dispatches Monday 31st October

  A few weeks back i got a call from an ITN researcher working on a Dispatches programme for Channel 4 …their opening line was do you agree the food industry is making people fat? I certainly don’t agree … and was delighted to be able to put my point across . I made a […]

5 tips on entering food awards

  Last week Free From Food Awards announced its 2016 shortlist signalling that this year’s awards season is underway. Why enter awards? Providing you are entering an appropriate one, they can help you catch the eye of the buyers, and the consumers that you are trying to reach. An award enables you to stand out […]

Veg Express

Reynolds are not a household name, yet their products have been eaten by most of us in the UK. Starting from humble beginnings as a Hackney greengrocer this family firm quickly moved from the streets to supplying restaurants and food service outlets across the SouthEast. Now they have five depots across the UK and supply […]

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