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Channel 4 Dispatches Monday 31st October

  A few weeks back i got a call from an ITN researcher working on a Dispatches programme for Channel 4 …their opening line was do you agree the food industry is making people fat? I certainly don’t agree … and was delighted to be able to put my point across . I made a […]

5 tips on entering food awards

  Last week Free From Food Awards announced its 2016 shortlist signalling that this year’s awards season is underway. Why enter awards? Providing you are entering an appropriate one, they can help you catch the eye of the buyers, and the consumers that you are trying to reach. An award enables you to stand out […]

Veg Express

Reynolds are not a household name, yet their products have been eaten by most of us in the UK. Starting from humble beginnings as a Hackney greengrocer this family firm quickly moved from the streets to supplying restaurants and food service outlets across the SouthEast. Now they have five depots across the UK and supply […]

Quality Food Awards

I am delighted to have been part of the Quality Food Awards judging panel for over ten years, to have judged, chaired and worked behind the scenes to make the process robust, add value to entrants by developing systems for them to get feedback , by developing the kitchen process that is still used now, […]

The Sugar Debate

In the last 18-24 months we have seen a growing ground swell of interest in, and demand for so called ‘sugar free’ products. The UK government’s decision to tax certain sugary drinks has further heightened the belief that some sugar is bad and other sugar is not. Reality is simpler, the ‘everything in moderation’ wisdom […]

Quoted in The Telegraph today

Quoted in The Telegraph today talking about what may have caused the resurgence in old fashioned hot, classic British puddings “As is often the case no one thing in isolation will have brought this about but i think these are some of the catalysts: Previously when we had the recession in 2008 people reverted to […]

What Are Your Good Habits?

Last year someone recommended I read Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning  … I read it in a few days on holiday and completed the exercises he suggested coming back from my trip ready to implement a version of his system that would work for me.  Just like Elrod I find the system so beneficial I even […]

Trend report for food businesses

. If you’re a food producer or restaurateur then you will know the importance of keeping up with food trends. But trying to keep pace on what consumers are demanding can be time consuming and expensive which is why I set about to help by publishing a short, sharp seasonal trend report. If you follow […]

Friday Takeaway – 12 February 2016

  * French supermarkets are now legally obliged to give waste food away to good causes says The Independent * BakeryInfo reports McVitie’s flood struck factory prompting national biscuit shortage. * The UK’s first sustainably sourced oysters go on sale announces the Guardian * Congratulations to all those shortlisted in the Free From Awards 2016. […]

Friday Takeaway – 5 February 2016

  * NY Times wonders if we’re making more of being fat than we should? * Bakery Info reports on the power of celebrity endorsement – this time from Oprah. * There’s a new film about London’s thriving brew scene according to Londonist. * A campaign to promote ugly fruit is gaining EU funding in […]

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