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Reynolds are not a household name, yet their products have been eaten by most of us in the UK.

Starting from humble beginnings as a Hackney greengrocer this family firm quickly moved from the streets to supplying restaurants and food service outlets across the SouthEast.

Now they have five depots across the UK and supply fresh produce and more to hospitals, pubs and restaurants, fast food outlets, travel and educational establishments.

When it comes to new menu and food ideas, I find their value-added approach to product development particularly fascinating.

Chef Ian Nottage heads up the company’s food development team at its Waltham Cross National Distribution Centre. I recently joined Ian and Tony Reynolds (the third generation to run the family firm) for a development kitchen lunch and it turned out to be one of the most inspiring of 2015.


Ian served a cleverly mixed selection of seasonal produce (apples, beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes, salsify) with a wide range of garnishes, sauces and styles. These menus are designed to inspire both chefs and buyers with ideas that can immediately be implemented in their own businesses. Recipes are also shared online for the same reason.

Reynolds love to be challenged – not just on seasonality but also on how to develop meals to suit the tight margins of mass catering demands.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create value-added vegetables then you will find useful advice from Reynolds in my guide to developing new value-added vegetable products – written in conjunction with my business partner Hazel Mactavish West.

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Jane Milton

Food industry expert Jane Milton has been in the business for more than 30 years and has the inside track on all things food!

In her podcast, Jane takes you behind the scenes of the food business and introduces you to her incredible network of producers, entrepreneurs and
consultants she works with. She shares inspiring stories and experiences with you to help you to build a stronger, healthier, better version of your own business.

Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton

Jane Milton
Fresh Banter with Giles Christopher ,Food, Drink & Hospitality Photographer
byJane Milton

Fresh Banter with Giles Christopher, the food, drink and hospitality photographer


Giles and I met many years ago through his wife and business partner Abi, and since then we have all worked on a lot of jobs together and have spent a lot of time together socially chatting about business and life.


He got some great advice from his Dad about offering to do things nobody else likes to do at work and making himself a valuable team member and sound found he had multiple job offers …


He’s run his own business for over 20 years and we talk about how basic business skills should be part of the curriculum for everyone nowadays


He shares about the prep that goes into shoots and how technology has changed the job so much and how much time photographers now spend in post production too. And about the sheer weight of kit that he takes to ‘location’ shoots too.


Giles loves tech and is always pushing himself to learn new ways of doing things , or master new equipment and he also talks about keeping up with and ahead of that if you can


A really interesting insight into all that food and drink photography involves, and some great tips for podcasts and business blogs to watch out for too.


I’m really pleased we managed to book Giles for a chat in this last episode of series 3…


Let me introduce you to Giles Christopher

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