The buzz on breakfasts


Food on the go is on the rise. Sales figures released by Greencore – the world’s largest sandwich maker – show a 33% jump in pre-tax profits despite a slow growth in sales in food overall, according to the Financial Times.
Retailers and suppliers are reacting to this jump in out of home sales with Costa Coffee launching its Costa Fresco concept store in Tottenham Court Road to ramp up its food offer.
Healthy cafe chain Abokado reports that more than 10% of total sales are now represented by breakfast spurring the business on to build on the trend.
Leon is credited for bringing porridge to the fast casual offer and already provides a good range of breakfasts as it rolls out its ambitious expansion plans into 2016.
McDonalds has been toying too with the idea of expanding its breakfast menu for a while and it has gone live in the US with no current plans to introduce it here.
Meanwhile at home 2016 set off to a brilliant start when Olympic diver Tom Daley took to Instagram to show off his breakfast fry up skills using the Master Pan Predictably the pan has become a sell out at Lakeland thanks to all the free publicity.
Since this is National Breakfast Week, organised by the cereals and oilseeds division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, use this time to ensure you’re capitalising on breakfast in your business.
If you’re a food producer are you offering your customers items they could use on their menus? Grab and go concepts? New flavours and ingredients?
And if you’re a restaurant, café, or garden centre, what are you offering your visitors?
If you need an ideas injection or help with creating new productions, then talk to us.

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