Quoted in The Telegraph today

Quoted in The Telegraph today talking about what may have caused the resurgence in old fashioned hot, classic British puddings

“As is often the case no one thing in isolation will have brought this about but i think these are some of the catalysts:

Previously when we had the recession in 2008 people reverted to the food of their childhoods ,when things seemed more stable/certain to them , so it does not surprise me if this is a contributing factor again.

There has been a resurgence in national pride, with all the Brexit discussions people have also thought about what is British, so again people are thinking of traditional British dishes in that context .

GBBO has seen a resurgence in classical desserts and cakes and has reminded people of things they ate previously and so we have seen a rise in these classic desserts with clean ingredients and sometimes with a modern twist.

We are in the midst of a ‘sugar debate’ and people are clamping down – often when one healthy trend takes hold there is also a resurgence of the opposite end of spectrum eg green smoothies and freak shakes or in this case, healthy sugar free desserts and classic British desserts

Quality restaurants and chefs have been recreating their own versions of these dishes in recent years and often that will inspire npd teams in food manufacture and buying teams in retail to revive similar dishes”

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