Service with a smile


If I told you one of the best companies I rate for customer service is in telecoms, I think you’d probably laugh.

Telecoms and customer service are not normally regarded as happy bedfellows. Among Which magazine’s 2015 list of worst companies for customer service, BT and Talk Talk are only just eclipsed by NPower and Scottish Power. They all score poorly across knowledge of product, valuing their customer and access to customer support among other KPIs.

And yet it’s true in my case. Pure Business Services like to call themselves the knights of their industry – the website says “we offer an unparrralled service that slays our competitors and rescues anyone in distress”.

I’ve experienced this first hand when my phone packed up while travelling in Dublin. Within hours they had worked out a way for me to get it repaired which was faster than they could replace the handset, and picked up the tab. Switching is easy too as my recent conversion to an iPhone demonstrated. I made one call and the rest of the process was done without any further involvement from me.

The best output of good customer service for a business is that you’re so good, your customers do all that time-consuming promotional work for you. I’ve raved about Pure to anyone who will listen, some people have already gone ahead and started to work with them.

So what is Pure’s secret? I think it lies in their efficiency and honouring what they say they will do is actually done.

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