Inspiration for a healthy lifestyle


Are you on a New Year pledge to get fit and healthy? Look no further for inspiration than Carol and Andrew West, who not only found a failsafe route to health personally but created a successful business from it.

The couple decided to address their weight eight years ago after Andrew was diagnosed as high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. At the time Carole had fatty liver disease that was linked to her being very overweight. Their busy lifestyles – Andrew was a policeman and Carol a nursery nurse – meant their diet had suffered.

Numerous diets had failed to shift the pounds until Andrew found a book promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet. Their conversion to a vegan lifestyle – with juices at the heart of their eating plan – not only signalled a return to good health but kick-started their business ventures Obsidian Wellness and Obsidian Juices.

Their 5-star retreat, moving this week to the Marriott La Sella Golf Resort & Spa in Denia, Costa Blanca provides guests with a four-point plan to wellness, through a combination of diet, exercise, education and mindset. They have helped over 6,000 people there, and this work has evolved into a juice programme, which anyone can take advantage of at home.

As I assist the couple to develop their business further, I too am benefiting from the Obsidian approach, using their juice programmes to help me through some of the more hectic times of my calendar.

Carol and Andrew’s life-changing health programme has coincided with increasing consumer awareness of health and nutrition.
What I like about the Obsidian approach is that they are helping to make it even easier for the time-poor among us by delivering ready-made fresh frozen juices to save you all the bother at home.

January can be more than healthy, it can be time saving too.

What health/diet plan are you doing this month? Tell me in the box below.

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