"Thank you very much Jane!!!
And you have played a very important role in our success - helping, guiding, advising and supporting me!!!

Nadia Gencas Managing Director Karaway Bakery.


“Thank you so much. Great feedback, people really enjoyed listening to an expert talking about food with such passion and good humour.”
Marian Connolly,
What If Innovation

“Great to meet you too Jane, really useful session and and you’ve helped clarify the next steps ”
Sanjay Soni,
What If Innovation

“Working with Jane Milton has been a great pleasure. It has been an amazing interaction from the start. Jane is one of the most professional people and her positive approach and huge experience contributes a lot to projects. Her introductions are always helpful and spot on.
Agnes Gabriel-Damaz
MD, The Polish Bakery









 Deborah Meaden  @DeborahMeaden



“The credibility , rigour and transparency of the organisation and judging process involved in the Quality Food Awards sits at the heart of all that we do , and Jane and her team from Jane Milton Ltd have played a huge part in helping the awards to become the most respected and prestigious of their kind in this fiercely competitive and dynamic market sector.


I am always amazed and impressed at how quickly and willingly people in her network are prepared to help her out with any project in which she is involved. I am proud to have such a first class ambassador for the awards on board.


I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her for any project that might be involved with.”
Helen Lyons,
Publisher, Metropolis,
owner of the Quality Food Awards.

“Jane – Massive thanks for your help and insight. What would we in the food industry do without you?……!! ”
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson,

“Visiting the Speciality & Fine Food Fair and meeting Jane Milton were two best things that happen to my business this year. Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event”
Agne Dulinskaite
Agneshkel Ltd

“A customer has rung in to say how excellent she thinks the instructions are for this Lakeland product . She has not bought anything for a while where the instructions have been so clear, well thought-through and easy to understand, and wanted to thank us. ”
Carly Bullock,
Electrical Buyer, Lakeland

“Jane has a great reputation in food arena. She adds significantly to this subject and creates opportunities for businesses. Her expertise, enthusiasm and energy add real worth to any project.”
Sir Eric Peacock