What clients say

Having been asked by many clients for support in using tea in their products, it became clear to me that I needed to know a lot more about the industry, the processes, types of tea and how it can be used innovatively in the food industry.


1. Thank you, Jane Milton, your advice is always like gold-dust
Troy Johnson, Founder at Juici Jerk and Black British Foodies Fund.

2. Jane Milton - an absolute legend and seasoned foodie entrepreneur
Stuart Macdonald ManiLife - The Peanut Butter People.

3. Jane – Massive thanks for your help and insight. What would we in the food industry do without you?……!!
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Editor,

4. Jane, had lunch with friends today in the Social Eating House, Poland Street. great place. The booking was in my name, got chatting to the team, and then they said they had listened to your (our) podcast! I feel chuffed to see it's reached that audience exactly as we intended. I also have had a few people contact me that I know but have not worked with recently, because they had heard it, great to reconnect with them too. -
Andy Hardy, Mr Hardy Consultancy .

5. I have had the pleasure of working with Jane Milton on a couple of projects over the last few years. Jane Milton is an amazing professional with a lot of knowledge of the food industry which she actively puts into real life through her advice to food businesses. Her advice on food labelling and finding the right ingredients for our business helped to develop some NPDs. Jane has broad food industry connections which are always a great help when working on a project.
I would definitely say that Jane Milton is a Food Industry expert and her experience and expertise are widely recognised in the food business sector.

- Agnes Gabriel-Damaz MD Gradz Bakery and Polish Bakery

6. Jane has been contributing her vast wealth of knowledge of the food sector to the FFFA judging panels since we started in 2008 - her clear and assured opinions bring confidence to our ability to assess products fairly. We love having her on our team! -
Cressida Langlands, CEO Free From Food Awards

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7. Jane is a consummate professional whose exceptional knowledge and deep insight in to the food and drink industry is absolutely second to none.

Jane has helped me to successfully launch a number of high profile projects in the past 20 years and I can always depend on her strategic thinking and strong insight  to help me to deliver my goals.  I love the way that Jane continues to grow and innovate her own business too ; the recent launch of her Pod Cast ‘ Let me Introduce you ‘ perfectly demonstrates her willingness to share her extensive network with others. It’s a pleasure to work with Jane, and I hope we continue to do so for many more years to come. -
Helen Lyons,

8. I connected with Jane on a number of occasions to seek advice and guidance to really support building traction in the market. Jane's advice and input have been very helpful to me move forwards due to the clarity and expertise that she brings. Jane helped me construct a business plan that is now being utilised to attract investment and further facilitate the companies growth. In addition, her advice has really helped to consolidate my ideas around investment and doors are starting to open. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Jane because her knowledge and connections in the food industry are invaluable."
Adrian Massey - Founder of C'go Drinks


Food industry expert Jane Milton has been in the business for more than 30 years and has the inside track on all things food!

In her podcast, Jane takes you behind the scenes of the food business and introduces you to her incredible network of producers, entrepreneurs and consultants she works with. She shares inspiring stories and experiences with you to help you to build a stronger, healthier, better version of your own business.

Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton

Jane Milton
Let Me Introduce You to Craig Rose, AKA Doctor Seaweed , and the Founder and MD of Seaweed & Co
by Jane Milton

Craig Rose is a seaweed evangelist – but he is also realistic that not everyone will love the taste of seaweed, just because it is good for you. What he wants is everyone to be able to benefit from the wellness effect that seaweed can give us ,whether it is in snacks, houmous, stock, used in place of salt or added to a product for its nutrition benefits in an odourless form , Craig has the product – what matters to him is that you find the right version or end product for you. Craig is a marine biologist and he also cares about where his seaweed comes from, how it is harvested and the longterm sustainability. He has mastered presenting on QVC the shopping channel, and supplies into several areas of the market – from food manufacture to his own food supplement range. He is very enthusiastic and honest. Listen to hear about his unexpected board director and why Baywatch was the reason he chose to study marine biology , but more importantly to hear how he has built a diverse and commercially sound business.

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