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Marian Connolly, What If Innovation


This Swiss owned, traditional pasta producer with an artisan production facility in Italy, was keen to bring their range of pastas and pestos to the UK.  Jane Milton Ltd is accredited by Switzerland Global Enterprise to help food businesses identify and maximise opportunities for their products in the UK.  Initially we were uncertain if there was a market for Ppura in the UK, where pasta and pesto have both become commodity products.  We wanted to make sure they would not be forced to compete purely in price


•   We identified that the products were being made in small batches by hand


•   The pasta range included a number of corn pastas, made in a gluten free site and a very unique fire-roasted grain pasta which has a wonderful smoky flavour. These unique attributes and products, together with the superior quality of the pastas and sauces, allowed the range to be positioned in the UK in delicatessens, farm shops and specialist retailers where people would pay a premium.


•   We conducted a series of store visits with the client to familiarise them with some of their target retailers and their competitors.


•   We identified the best distributors in both the deli and health food markets and went with the client to visit both these and successfully obtained a listing with the preferred distributor.


•   We helped Ppura put together entries for the Great Taste Awards in 2016, their success here made it easier for them to gain more listings.


•   We assisted Ppura in the logistics and positioning for their stand at Speciality and Fine Food 2016, which resulted in greater sales with their distributor and a deepening of the relationship between them, their distributor and several of their customers.