"Thank you so much. Great feedback, people really enjoyed listening to an expert talking about food with such passion and good humour.”

Marian Connolly, What If Innovation


We were introduced to Lickalix as they were preparing to crowd fund in 2013.

Since then the business has grown, and Dominic and Karis Gesua who founded it and still run it today have also managed to get married and have a baby in those 4 busy years.


The business has thrived in this time and has made a mark on the very competitive adult and children’s ice lolly and ice cream markets. Helped by a weak £ they are seeing off many inferior imported products and are also introducing new product categories s to their business, to de-risk their dependability on British summer weather.


We have worked with them since 2013 in a mentoring role:

•  meeting regularly to review their plans and talk through different scenarios

•  making introductions for them to people within and outside the food industry

•  networking them with other people who may have had similar experiences, so they can share and learn from each other

•  helping them plan show-stopping appearances at exhibitions

•  Supporting them as they build relationships with retailers

•  Having input into all areas of their business.

•  Talking about them on social media

•  Looking for opportunities for their products with our network