Fresh Banter

Fresh Banter is a carefully curated group of like-minded people from the food business that come together for regular events and lunches, as well as our Full Works membership group. As a member of Fresh Banter, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of coming together to learn from each other’s experience and sharing your insights and expertise to help others make their business and our industry a success.


Fresh Banter

But it’s more than just our events, we’ll also encourage you to make meaningful new connections, and we’ll help you think of new and better ways to do the things you do – all in a fun, relaxed, and truly inclusive environment.


Fresh Banter Bite-Sized Lunches

Our fun and relaxed lunches are held four times a year, each featuring a short talk on a topic dictated by our members’ needs and interests. Our speakers will encourage you to see and do things differently and apply that in your business right away.  You’ll be introduced to refreshing perspectives; you’ll get to meet some interesting new faces, leave with some valuable connections and get a taste of what you can achieve in our Full Works group.


Fresh Banter Bite Sized Lunches for 2023 – dates and venues to be announced soon


“Fresh Banter – where conversation flows from experience, insight and friendship.
No problem too big or mundane to tackle and walk through – whether it’s a life crisis or the appropriate way to dip egg soldiers. Come in jaded and emerge refreshed!” – Sam Duong (CEO MING FOODS LTD)

Fresh Banter Online

In addition to our lunches, we hold one or two online networking sessions a year so you can enjoy the Fresh Banter experience without having to travel.

The next Fresh Banter Online networking is on September 28TH 2:30-3:30 PM – It’s FREE to join for food and drink businesses and hospitality business owners.

Register here for Sept 28th


Interested in coming to future online Fresh Banter events then please sign up to our NEWSLETTER and we will keep you up to date.

Fresh Banter Full Works

For a deeper dive into the Fresh Banter experience, we’ve created the Fresh Banter Mastermind. Once a month over the course of a year, we’ll spend a day together at a specially selected venue where carefully curated speakers will speak on the issues you want to hear about. 

We bring together food industry leaders in a unique and powerful way so you can enjoy all the benefits of a mastermind group: synergy, support, accountability, the opportunity to see things differently and a genuine understanding of the challenges of working in senior positions. 

Coming Back in 2023. If you would be interested to hear more detail then please use this form to express your interest and we will share more with you.


Here’s what you can expect…

We’ll start the day with a powerful roundtable session where members will each have an opportunity to update the Mastermind on the progress they’re making in their business.


Then,  you’ll hear from our specialist speaker, and together, you’ll discuss how you can apply the ideas in your respective companies. Over lunch, we’ll come back to any problems highlighted in your morning roundtable session, and the group will suggest solutions based on real-life experience.


After lunch, you’ll leave bursting with fresh ideas, ready to do it all over again next month.   


New for 2022, to make taking part easier for you, we’ll run some of our Mastermind sessions on Zoom. You’ll be sent a delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks, and we’ll follow our powerful process as I’ve outlined above.


The Fresh Banter Mastermind is an active group of like-minded, focused and ambitious individuals that provides a creative, diverse, non-judgemental place to be heard and to listen.


It will become a catalyst for your personal and business growth, and at the same time, it’s a place to have fun, relax and forge long-lasting friendships. 


We shape the Mastermind to suit our member’s needs and issues, and as the mastermind thrives on commitment and continuity, we ask our members to commit to the group for 12 transformational months.


Your membership of our unique group, which is unprecedented in the food industry, will give you deeply rewarding access to an active group of like-minded, focused and ambitious individuals and a creative, diverse, non-judgemental place to be heard and to listen. It will become a catalyst for your personal and business growth, and at the same time, a place to have fun, relax and forge long-lasting friendships. 


But that’s enough from me; I’ll let the experience of our members do the talking…


Hear from our members

Fresh Banter. What can I say? You go along thinking it’s going to be helpful to build your network, and you come away with a set of close friends who understand you, the natural ups and the downs of your business cycle, and who, by default of that deeper understanding, can offer meaningful support, advice and guidance. The Fresh Banter effect on my business and personal life has been positively profound. – Darren Foley (Founder | FLY Brand & Design Consultancy)


Fresh Banter is the best networking group for the food industry full stop! Jane Milton’s little black book is the best in the business. I am constantly delighted with the variety and quality of the guest speakers, up to date and relevant food topics for discussion, and field trips to some of the most prestigious and interesting food companies throughout the UK. You never know who Jane is going to put in front of the Fresh Banter group and what you might learn on the way. On top of all that, the relationships built within the group have proved to be long lasting and valuable from both a personal and professional viewpoint, whether you are talking to long-established familiar brands or exciting new food entrepreneurs. – Matt Raynor (Chairman at Raynor Foods Ltd).



We’d love to see you around the table.

If you would be interested to hear more detail then please use this form to express your interest and we will share more with you.




Jane Milton

Food industry expert Jane Milton has been in the business for more than 30 years and has the inside track on all things food!

In her podcast, Jane takes you behind the scenes of the food business and introduces you to her incredible network of producers, entrepreneurs and
consultants she works with. She shares inspiring stories and experiences with you to help you to build a stronger, healthier, better version of your own business.

Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton

Jane Milton
Fresh Banter with Giles Christopher ,Food, Drink & Hospitality Photographer
byJane Milton

Fresh Banter with Giles Christopher, the food, drink and hospitality photographer


Giles and I met many years ago through his wife and business partner Abi, and since then we have all worked on a lot of jobs together and have spent a lot of time together socially chatting about business and life.


He got some great advice from his Dad about offering to do things nobody else likes to do at work and making himself a valuable team member and sound found he had multiple job offers …


He’s run his own business for over 20 years and we talk about how basic business skills should be part of the curriculum for everyone nowadays


He shares about the prep that goes into shoots and how technology has changed the job so much and how much time photographers now spend in post production too. And about the sheer weight of kit that he takes to ‘location’ shoots too.


Giles loves tech and is always pushing himself to learn new ways of doing things , or master new equipment and he also talks about keeping up with and ahead of that if you can


A really interesting insight into all that food and drink photography involves, and some great tips for podcasts and business blogs to watch out for too.


I’m really pleased we managed to book Giles for a chat in this last episode of series 3…


Let me introduce you to Giles Christopher

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.