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Jane Milton Ltd. collaborates with your business to bring a refreshing new perspective to your challenges and introduces unique insight and inspiration to your creative processes.

With Jane leading a team of hand-picked food industry experts tailored specifically to your requirements, we’ll work closely with your business, your values and your passion to deliver the most sustainable, profitable outcome for your project, often achieving a much faster turnaround than you could by working alone.

We’ll disrupt your usual patterns by asking, What if? Why don’t you? And Why do you do that in this particular way? Through this type of constructive challenge, we’ll help you find new, innovative ways to produce existing products, develop new products and even open up new markets.

About Jane

About Jane
About Jane
About Jane
About Jane

At Jane Milton, we work on a broad range of food industry-related projects. Take a look at some examples of our work and please, get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help you.

1. Pinpointing strategic market opportunities for your business and helping you identify and shape creative NPD projects. We’ll also find you the right manufacturers to bring your new products to market.

2. Planning and managing your contract manufacturing process. For our Contract Manufacturing Process and Budgeting Guide, click here

3. Developing and implementing your food business strategy and creating a tailor-made, detailed marketing plan.

4. If you’re a company currently operating outside the UK market, working with you, trade delegations and governments to identify and implement strategic opportunities. Find out more about how we’ve supported overseas clients here.

5. Helping you identify the best market opportunities for your products, making targeted direct introductions and thoroughly preparing you to make an approach and present to buyers.

6. Using our in-depth food industry knowledge and long established connections, researching and collating trend and innovation reports tailored specifically to your business or project.

7. Strategically managing your recipe development and recipe writing, food photography and food styling projects to ensure they deliver the outcomes you expect from your investment.

8. Using smart glasses technology, offering you the unique opportunity of viewing retail environments remotely. In real-time, we’ll walk you around stores so you can experience the environment through our eyes, providing you with a sustainable, cost-effective research solution.

Get in touch, and we can talk through your ideas, then we’ll make some suggestions for how we can help or, in the unlikely event of us not being able to support you, we’ll point you to someone who can.


Food industry expert Jane Milton has been in the business for more than 30 years and has the inside track on all things food!

In her podcast, Jane takes you behind the scenes of the food business and introduces you to her incredible network of producers, entrepreneurs and consultants she works with. She shares inspiring stories and experiences with you to help you to build a stronger, healthier, better version of your own business.

Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton

Jane Milton
Let Me Introduce You to Craig Rose, AKA Doctor Seaweed , and the Founder and MD of Seaweed & Co
by Jane Milton

Craig Rose is a seaweed evangelist – but he is also realistic that not everyone will love the taste of seaweed, just because it is good for you. What he wants is everyone to be able to benefit from the wellness effect that seaweed can give us ,whether it is in snacks, houmous, stock, used in place of salt or added to a product for its nutrition benefits in an odourless form , Craig has the product – what matters to him is that you find the right version or end product for you. Craig is a marine biologist and he also cares about where his seaweed comes from, how it is harvested and the longterm sustainability. He has mastered presenting on QVC the shopping channel, and supplies into several areas of the market – from food manufacture to his own food supplement range. He is very enthusiastic and honest. Listen to hear about his unexpected board director and why Baywatch was the reason he chose to study marine biology , but more importantly to hear how he has built a diverse and commercially sound business.

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