In 2012 , Jane Milton was invited to work with  Deborah Meaden on one of her Dragons’ Den investments, a cake business called Propermaid.


A few years later in 2015,Deborah invested in an Asian- inspired  ice cream brand called Yee Kwan and Jane was again asked to work with them.


Jane is an investor in both businesses and advises them on food industry specific issues, working alongside Deborah on their marketing and general business skills to help them grow their businesses.


Jane has helped the businesses by ;


• Identifying trends that are likely to be relevant /significant to the businesses


• Helping them adapt those trends to their business – for instance seeing Propermaid move increasingly into gluten free and vegan cakes


• Opening doors with retailers, wholesalers and restaurant groups


• Looking at whether contract manufacturing has a role to play in their growth


• Introducing them to consultants with specialist strengths in niche areas to help them access those areas faster or more successfully


• Helping them review opportunities and work out which are most productive for them to follow


• Talking about their brands within her own networks


• Ensuring they are fully compliant in any legal requirements as a food business


• Safeguarding Deborah Meaden’s brand and principles in their businesses