An Exciting New Online Course to Scale Up Your Food Business

Get 30 years proven expertise condensed into 8 weeks

The Food Business Growth Programme

I’ve been helping food businesses grow successfully  for over 30 years and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing them flourish.   I love being able to help them skip some of the painful lessons I had to learn myself, and to taste success sooner.   Now I have found a way to do that which lets me help more businesses, allows them to be part of a community to support each other and makes it very affordable for everyone to take part.


Our Programme is currently full and we are focused on working with the great group of food businesses in the programme ,  following the 8 modules and learning our tried and tested methods for creating business plans, finding their greatest strengths, building their team and making more time for the things they need to do in order to get that strong growth in their food business that they want to have.

We will help them nail the numbers they need to watch in their business, help them weigh up and make decisions on how to produce their new products or expand their capacity.  They get great tips and support around their marketing, pr and social media and I walk them through things I have done with other businesses  hundreds of times to make them stand out in a crowded market place and give their business the edge.

We have lots of fabulous templates, guides, checklists and other documents that we have developed and refined over 30 years… they make it easy to implement all that we suggest and safeguard your business as it grows.

There are fortnightly live Q&A sessions and a closed Facebook Group where I post regularly to help everyone with things I see, daily when I am running my business,  exclusive opportunities  and access to some of my incredible network of food related business experts ( my network is legendary!)


When we open enrolment again, you really don’t want to miss out this time so :

Email Jane to join the waiting list:  CLICK HERE


and then we can make sure you know all the details whenever we open up the group again