“Jane has a great reputation in food arena. She adds significantly to this subject and creates opportunities for businesses. Her expertise, enthusiasm and energy add real worth to any project.”

Sir Eric Peacock


We have known The Polish Bakery throughout their 14 years establishing and growing their business in West London and were delighted to be approached to work with them on shaping a new brand for their business, Gradz Bakery.


While The Polish Bakery has broad appeal across both the diaspora of Eastern European communities in the UK and in the mainstream bread market as a supplier of prepacked sourdough breads into the multiple retailers, they wanted to look for opportunities in unpackaged breads, opportunities to uses superfoods and ancient grains and also to venture into non- retail markets with breads, rolls and some sweet treats.




They were keen to work with us as this was a big departure for them, so knowing us for 13 years gave them the reassurance they needed to carry out this work with us.


We built a team to work on this project alongside the Polish Bakery team and :


•  Developed a brand story that fitted the ethos of the existing business but distinguished the two


•   Created a range of flavours, flours, ingredients and occasions that we wanted to work with


•  The bakers developed a range of products – both fully baked and as doughs that customers could work with


•   We canvassed opinion within the trade and then tweaked the offer


•  We set up an artisan bread stall one weekend in Chiswick to get customer reactions to the range- without identifying who was behind it to consumers- or competitors before we were ready to launch . Despite wild weather it was a resounding success and one line even sold out, to the  other traders, before we even opened.


•  A new website was developed


•  IP has been protected


•  We wrote entries for the World Bread Awards and the Quality Food Awards for both brands and had successes in both – Gradz Spirulina and Pumpkin bread was voted by bakers and industry professionals to be ‘ the World Bread Awards Overall Winner in 2016’. They also won a number of business awards this year including West London Business of the Year.


•  The MD Agnes Gabriel- Damaz  made appearances on tv and the brand and product was spoken about on Radio 2 breakfast show with Chris Evans.


•  We visited retailers and got a listing with Ocado as well as with several independent businesses, and interest too in some of their Polish Bakery breads and gluten free lines too.


•  New packaging was created- collars for unwrapped loaves and packaging to prolong the shelf life of whole or sliced loaves if customers want it


•  We have successfully introduced them to a number of foodservice companies too, for whom this BRC Grade A facility is the ideal partner


•  We have introduced them to other consultants that can help them with areas such as R&D tax Credits, HR, Recruitment and other services you need as you expand your business beyond 100 staff.


•  We continue to work with both businesses and help introduce their products to a wider market and help them grow their business.