An Exciting New Online Course to Scale Up Your Food Business

Get 30 years proven expertise condensed into 8 weeks

The Food Business Growth Programme

I’ve been helping food businesses grow successfully  for over 30 years and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing them flourish.   I love being able to help them skip some of the painful lessons I had to learn myself, and to taste success sooner.   Now I have found a way to do that which lets me help more businesses, allows them to be part of a community to support each other and makes it very affordable for everyone to take part.


The programme begins on 24th May, click below and you can access a recorded webinar which gives gets the ball rolling and gives you some tips on things you can take action on right now to make a difference in your business.  It is just a taster of the sorts of things we will achieve on the programme. During the webinar we also talk you through  more about the programme, the topics we will cover with you and the way it is structured, please click on the button below and leave me your name and email address so I can send you a link to watch the webinar  include you in a few ( only a few) emails about the programme. 


Please don’t miss out on the great chance to be part of this new community of food businesses committed to taking action and growing in the months ahead.  I know it works and I really want you to have the chance to be part of it ..


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